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Quotes from audience members who attended All This Living!
Some were sent by email some given verbally, May 2015.

Subject: Congratulations”
To: The Street Theatre – FOH Manager
“just loved ‘All This Living’ – I took a friend to see it last Saturday (& been telling others about it ever since).”

“Well done. Thanks for a wonderful evening of entertainment and I look forward to seeing more of your work in future.”

“Just wish to congratulate Camilla Blunden for her outstanding performance which I saw last Saturday afternoon. The Street Theatre as well for putting it on. There should be more plays with this type of subject.”

“Bravo! Your performance was fantastic, and I loved the interweaving of classic references with the everyday. May all your houses be full. PS. If you haven’t already, maybe think of touring it esp. in our region. It will strike a chord with many people.”

“I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed your play last night. I loved the great emotional range and earthiness of the character and really enjoyed the playful weaving, and occasional eruptions, of mythologies. It was a fun play and a testament to all your work. I hope there are opportunities to put it on beyond Canberra.”

“Congratulations on a beautifully crafted work and your performance of it so engaging and riveting! Your use of the pots was beautifully and creatively done and your other props also.”

“I am inspired to draw on Baba Yaga’s fire and fingernails!”

“We both thought your show was terrific last night. Full of gusto, lovely writing, and I was especially impressed with how well you move. Let us old women fight back!!”

“I wondered whether the furry costume represented your view of growing older or the image society accords it? I would have found it emotionally satisfying to have the old woman proudly grooming and decorating her glorious coat of grey fur by the end.”

“The real life anecdotes were funny and sad at the same time, could have more anecdotes woven through the play to keep bringing it back to lived reality whilst being informed by the archetypes.”

“Fascinated by the archetypal females you described”

A 99 year old woman “This is my story and others stories too”